Site Plan Consulting

    • Province wide site plan consulting services.
    • Frank discussion of fees.
    • Frequent consultations with client, municipal and other relevant authorities
    • Pre-submission site visits, analysis & recommendations
    • Pre-submission site plan application detailing potential involvement with relevant authorities: conservation, heritage, MTO, etc.
    • Negotiation with municipal authorities to distinguish Site Plan issues from Building Code issues; i.e. to limit the scope of the Site Plan conditions requested by the Municipality. 
    • Site plan consulting and coordination with experts involved with drainage, forestry, engineering, Heritage, traffic, public policy, Official Plans, etc.
    • Resolution of potential building code, zoning issues, proposed land & building location, necessary setbacks, etc.
    • Detailed scope of the project
    • Application for  the building permit.
    • Application for the Site Plan Agreement
    • Coordination, if necessary, with City Solicitors regarding  Appeals to the Ontario Land Tribunal
    • Call (905) 870-8434 to start the process. 
site plan agreement
site plan consulting
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